The DELTAS Africa Science Communication Network - Science Communication Workshop will chart the way on increased collaboration, support and training and an online platform to share resource materials/Community of Practice for the DELTAS Africa community of 14 science communicators who represent a strategic resource that can be galvanised to amplify communications designed to raise the profile of DELTAS Africa and science across the continent.

Five main objectives of the DELTAS Africa Science Communication Network - Science Communication Workshop 

  • To highlight science communication messages and activities taking place across all DELTAS Africa programmes
  • Identify communication strengths and weakness and how to improve and build a strong network of African Science Communicators
  • Develop a science communications training/How-to guides for DELTAS Africa, a database of key scientists who can become ambassadors of the programme/science in Africa. 
  • Discuss the setting up of an online platform/Community of Practice, what it looks like, how it will be used/maximised
  • Plans to showcase the impact of DASciCoN at the 2019 Annual DELTAS Africa Grantees Meeting.