The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) are convening a meeting of early- to mid-career African researchers, international researchers and funders at The University of Oxford.

The meeting will take place at Pembroke College from the 6th to the 8th of August 2018 and will serve as a platform for African researchers to network, share their ideas and successes, as well as seek meaningful collaborations towards scaling their work and impact.

The AAS Affiliates are nominated to their position in recognition of their academic and research excellence. The AAS, through its Affiliates Programme, supports the Affiliates to become exceptional leaders and to deploy their talents towards achieving sustainable development in Africa.

The main goals of the meeting are to

1.       Showcase the research of the Affiliates;
2.       Build collaborative and interdisciplinary networks amongst the Affiliates with Oxford scholars for tackling sustainable development in Africa.
3.       Provide a platform for charting career development pathways through the Affiliates Programme.

The meeting will achieve these goals through a series of keynote talks, simulation exercises, moderated panels, small groups, and informal networking opportunities. In addition, the Affiliates will work with AAS staff to develop the strategy for the Affiliates Programme over the next five years.